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l Fakherat Whole Wheat Mamoul Sugar Free; 500 gmWhole wheat is ground from the best-quality wheat grains to give you fresh and 100% pure wheat flour. Wheat flour contains vitamins like thiamine; niacin; folate; and B6. It also contains minerals like selenium; iron; phosphorous; manganese; and copper that are essential. Whole wheat flour is also rich in dietary fiber and complex carbohydrates; which is beneficial for diabetic people. Use it to make soft; fluffy; and delicious rotis and phulkas. Specifications Serving Size 100 Calories 414 Total Fat 17.6 gm Cholesterol 15 mg Sodium 44 mg Total Carbohydrates 51.9 gm Dietary Fiber 9.9 gm Total Sugars 31 gm Protein 17.2 gm Iron 0.16 Calcium 0.08

The whole wheat mamoul sugar free; 500g Home Baking, Sugar & Dessert is manufactured by AL FAKHERAT and was added around March 2022.

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