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Diimpor dari Malaysia, yang di setiap incinya diisi dengan sereal beras Impor berkualitas dengan lapisan cokelat renyah yang diperkaya dengan nutrisi dan vitamin cocok sebagai makanan ringan untuk anak. Jutaan anak-anak, remaja dan kalangan muda sangat menyukai cokelat Crispy kami. Crispy, Crispy-Licious. Crispy memiliki 3 varian rasa, yaitu : Original, Orange, dan Strawberry.

Seritifikat : Halal MUI
Import : Malaysia
BPOM RI ML : 624309332273

Made with imported malt and rice cereal, Crispy chocolate contains nutrients and vitamins necessary for you to have that boost of energy! The sweetness of the chocolate combined with the crispy rice cereal will make you fall in love at first bite! The perfect snack and breakfast to lift up your energy for the day. A crunch bar that is both convenient and delicious! Network Foods is a popular name in the snack industry and it has been exporting products to over 30 countries, especially in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions. They have other popular brands across the world, like Tango, Tudor Gold, and Kandos. Crispy Kris snack is especially popular in Malaysia where it has been a classic childhood snack for many. This simple snack, while perfectly delicious on its own, it can also be used as an ingredient for other delicious treats. One of the simple recipes is simply melting the chocolate and pour it onto a cupcake pan, then freeze for an hour. After that, drizzle with melted chocolate and decorate with anything you want, sweets, dried fruits or nuts – the ultimate easy and delicious homemade treats for your family gatherings or events. This classic snack would definitely be stocked up in most supermarkets, marts, and convenience stores.

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